This is knows issue about NAS, we have reported to Microsoft and will update it as soon as possible. the device is also not visible on computer management -> storage and also not show in … My situation: NAS is a DS 415+, my router is an ASUS AC68, My PC is running Win 10 newest upgrades done. If this works  just tell me how to make it a static address. entirely a mapped drive issue on this PC. (I've attached screenshots here for your viewing) My external hard drive is WD My Passport 1TB. If I ever have an issue with disconnected drives or drives with red X's against them showing up. I've tried setting the LAN manager authentication level in group policy but NAS then appeared under the NETWORK branch. b. Windows 10 update 1709 is a big problem with several things not working well. Selected "Turn Windows features on or off" It had been working forever but thanks to MS Update *&%$$# Unbelievable BS. :):):). WD hard drive not showing up in Windows 10 File Explorer could be the result of drive letter missing or conflict. Thanks from me as well! Same here. I am in the same boat. Would be great if I could just see the Mycloud as a computer in file explorer. This WD Elements external hard drive is not working in a USB 3 port but works in USB 2 - What's going on? My desktop is the Master. Maybe this will help to others with same problems. This worked for me. The drive is mapped to D and clicking on D will show the contents of the drive fine. I am in the same boat. I transferred about 300 GB of files onto it and it worked fine until just last night when it no longer showed up on 'My Computer' anymore. The computer that is the Master Browser is the only one that has the value. 3. I have the same problem with Win10 but not with Win7. In addition, please update Windows Update to the lasted to check if the issue persist. In the network section of the explorer it only shows my PC as PC, my DiskStation shows up as a media server, my router as a structural device. In Control Panel, go to Devices and Printers. Mine works on the LAN cable but not via WiFi. W 10 Pro comp sees Nas occasionally and Home PC always. With 11099 and 10586.63 all I have to do is use the Refresh button in the FE Address bar. I was going to format and reinstall windows which works also.... Anyways i thought I then found "SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support". However, when you use it to backup your files, you may meet WD Backup not working in Windows 10/8/7 issue. Another Best, easiest answer after much searching. And I would reinsert it into another usb and eventually it got detected. except I am on build 10586.14. It contains a lot of valuable data I cannot afford to lose. NAS shows up perfectly in Mac. Works on Windows 7 and XP. the device is also not visible on computer management -> storage and also not show in device manager. But after couples of days I found some time the hard-disk not detecting. If you have another device (such as the NAS itself) which can run the computer browser service, I would also recommend that you stop and disable the computer browser service on these machines. They recommend that you map drives and printers and do not use the computer browser service because it relies on SMB v1. I have a Terramaster on my iMac Dual boot. My WD Passport Ultra 2TB external hard drive is not showing up in explorer when I plug it into the USB port in a "normal way". to the above. Actually, this issue is mainly shown in two situations: Files cannot be backed up and WD Backup does not see my drive. This worked for me! I think in my case it was because I changed internet providers and the router that they supplied used a different base IP address (previously was - all other devices on my network changed IP address automatically. If it shows but it does not show a drive letter, make sure you give it one. I'm so mad I could blat out expletives non stop. os level = 5. Clearly a MS patch messed things up. I really need your help to be able to move on with the new image. the recent major Win10 update in December 2015. It was the attack vector for the WannaCry ransomware virus attack that swept Windows 10. I uninstalled all the network adapter drivers and let Win 10 reinstall them, but no better. I'm not sure what processes that would involve. Any fix coming for what Microsoft just screwed up? disabled in 1709 update. I went to "Control Panel -> Programs" get it to show properly. In my case "SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support" was already enabled. Backups continue to work, and of course, Network shows the Media server NAS elements, but the device itself was gone. Thank you for this solution, I applied it to the two of 3 pcs that could not find my NAS, and they now have access to it. Turning on SMB / CIFS file support worked perfectly for me. So whoever has that same problem, try it out and report back! The primary computer used to show the devices just like they were supposed to appear. Tried all other advice to no avail but this one worked. security risks. Create a shortcut on the desktop by right clicking on it, then select new shortcut, then type the location of the device not showing for example \\WDMycloud and see if this opens the device you are looking for, if so do this a few times and see if it now Windows shut down and network shares were back showing in file explorer :) Resetting Network in Network worked for me so hope this helps. yet I can launch "command prompt here" in Explorer on it and it shows D:\ which looks to be a problem with mapping via explorer because if I map the drive using the command prompt I can browse to D: just fine.. but it doesn't show in Explorer as a In my case the SMB was enabled, but only for "Automatic Removal" and Server." Also the sharing hard disk setups are still the same as before. I have tried almost all advices and also (poor) ZyXEL support service - with NO results. Enabling "Client" seemed to fix it and I can now see my NAS. Otherwise  nbtstat  seems to be the best workaround And the moreover…the hard drive is visible at times and is working fine but suddenly stops detecting. Used to show up in Windows 10. I installed a new PC (Intel NUC) yesterday. Today I am not able again to use my script for the drive mapping - "Systemerror 1231 - Networkaddress not reachable". Open Disk Management in Windows 10. I am on Build 10586.3. Yes, your solution fits totally. This simple solution worked for me, thanks. None of those allow access to the NAS drives. Same problem. to work sometimes and not others, rebooting PCs forces a Master Browser election, which will change which PC is the Master Browser and can introduce the issue. This sometimes works. Visit Microsoft Q&A to post new questions. Thanks Fixing drive without a partition. There's been multiple reports of NAS devices no longer available after an upgrade to Win 10. Enable it! Channel. I've tried pretty much everything in this thread and nothing works. Is Microsoft ever going to fix this? 1. I get anew address for MyCloud and I don't think file explore can find it. But if I find the new address and key this into the search bar up comes the MyCloud page and Voila the MyCloud all of a sudden appears under networks in File explorer!! If WD external hard drive won’t format problem is not related to write protection, you can clean it and create new partition. Sure wish I knew what it was. When clicking the word NETWORK, the primary computer and the secondary show up in the right pane but the NAS shows up as OTHER DEVICE. In the File explorer window left pane under NETWORK, the I remember master browser issues a few years ago when I managed a small nonprofit computer training school. Prior to the upgrade of the 4 pc's to Win 10, i could see all the Win 7/8 network shared computers (including the local shared computer) via PC Icons in the Network window on any of the computers. Use registry to force the other win10 machines to decline master browser and you should be home and hosed I think? Hey Teacher did you ever got this fix? I also can only connect to local or lan pc's via \\pcname\x since upgrading to Windows 10. Once i upgraded to Win 10, all of the Win 10 shared drives That sounds like a completely different problem. SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing was already ticked, but I unitcked it, ticked again and restarted the computer. Cant see MyCloud NAS Drive in the File explorer but do see the mapped drives. file structure. Also the details which are exposed in the FE View Details (suggestion Please let me know... net view /all  is still flakey IMO but File Explorer's Network view is better than it was. MS networking has always been crap but usually solvable with I can only see the Win 7/8 pc shared computer drive icons that have not been upgraded. Please follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the below link: This article explains what to do when your drive is not seen, not recognized, or offline. Just as a maybe, have you checked Control Panel/Turn Windows Features on or Off/SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing is ticked? I definitely agree with one of the previous posters, Win10 networking is flaky!!! My old Seagate NAS is back. Windows 7: WD EXTERNAL HARD DISK 1TB suddenly "unallocated" and "not initialized" ... it showed up as "Disk 1 - Unallocated". I have the same problem with both local accounts and a Microsoft account. I set everything up as advised, finally helping to change the name of my network back to Workgroup and set up all PCs and NAT on Workgroup. I'm  wondering if the lack of credentials on the other PC is working to it's favor and avoiding this issue. Why the difference? You may even find that a non Microsoft third party device on the network attempts to take over the Master Browser role. Also not recommended by some due to security enable SMB 1.0/CIFS File sharing support as some older devices need that and it gets NAS also invisible but can map drives to it. Also when I type D: in the command prompt I get system cannot find the drive specified Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP (as explained above by Forza Steve). From the linked article: For home and small business users who use Network Neighborhood to locate Windows computers, you shoud map drives to the computers so that you no longer have to browse for them. If a 1703 PC is the Master Browser only that computer has Computer Browsing, if a non-1703 is the Master Browser all the non-1703 PCs have Computer Browsing. I have tried most of the suggestions from this thread no matter how old, but they were to no avail. devices with v1703 or upwards you would appear to have no chance. solution was to enable SMB 1.0 on the PC; directions below: Go to "Control Panel -> Programs" I recently bought a new laptop of Asus rog strix which runs in Windows 10. A proper connection is the most basic … The challenge was remembering the unix world of ssh, permissions You can see your passport drive visible there. After a refresh the computers in the explorer are there again AND I can still use SMB3. , but after 2 hrs this AM it still doesn't show. EnableLinkedConnections Now seeing network computer. There is a Diskstation entry under "This PC"   which expands to show entries for Music, Photo and Video which are read only - I cannot paste files to these (this entry also omits other files on Diskstation). Try this manual solution to fix WD Elements external hard drive that is not detected in Windows 10. Thanks for proposing as answer but there isn't really one, if you give WD Smartware Files Pending Backup-Why Files Not Backed up Download the Best Free WD Elements Backup Software How to Resolve WD Sync Not Working in Windows 10 Easily? I have just checked mine and it wasn't - ticked it and after a restart my NAS now shows in File Explorer. I have to connect it through a "bizarre way" to make it show up in explorer.I realizes there were threads related to the same issue, but it's not what I am looking for. Select 'Client' to activate it et voila!!! How strange, this issue just started for me on 30-08-2017 (same as ckmerkel). Massive thanks bud Seagate Central 3TB NAS. I still also have some Win 7/8 pc's not upgraded to Win 10 as yet. If I type "Net View \\FRNAS" it lists the shared folders properly. Sometimes a refresh of FE will show the laptop. Still an Adventure ("Twisty passages, all different."). Once the NAS is awake, - I have accessed it in some way on some computer - it still does not appear in FE under Computers. The command "net view" allows us to quickly report which computers are available in the Workgroup and thereby use the information to run system reports and perform various tasks. Fix Device Driver Problems. I have three computers on my network all running v1703 bld 15063.540. To do so, you first need to pull up the Windows Disk Management tool. Rightclicked the shortcut and added it to my Quick Access and now my issues are all solved. Do you have a question about the Western Digital WD Elements or do you need help? preferred master = no Try Quick fixes when WD hard drive is not recognized by Mac. I haven't seen any NAS or WdMyCloud in my home network. This does not affect AD users, those businesses which need to or have the luxury of being able to invest in server hardware and software. I also have the common issue of SSD users encountering Windows saying it can't connect to all drives on startup, I've tried setting the group policy for it to wait for network connections before startup but that changes nothing, I guess it's likely related I tried every solution find here: none has work. To work around the issue involves setting one computer to be the Master Browser. the hard drive is working on other laptops with both 2.0 and 3.0 ports. Actually found the answer to that, don't launch command prompt as admin unless you have EnableLinkedConnections Let's hope the fix is permanent. simply removing it. B0ndoo7. It was a pain. I created a shortcut, used the "\\{device name} and hit next. Then I reclicked them and saved/apply. Thanks so far for relieving me of this headache. I've got a Synologyupdate and Win10-Updates. I still need to find if I can restart this PC without the "Master As times changed and PC Pitstop grew, we transitioned to a software subscription model to not only provide better and more secure diagnostic and maintenance tests, but turn our focus towards computer security with PC Matic. It amazes me that this thread goes back two or three years and the issues are still there, or in my case they just cropped up. It still shows up in … My other PC's continue to be displayed on my network/workgroup as always. Hello, I bought a WD Elements 1023 USB 1TB external hard drive about two/three weeks ago. (you can write yourself - the second button under the Network ID, but this way you may set more necessary things), I'm in the same position - it has started working and now shows on the list of Network locations. Type diskmgmt.msc into the box and press Enter. Is this normal?? So currently have to Map them on the boot or realtime which is annoying and not ideal. (The grip is an extra cost). You can open Device Manager to check and fix the issue. Followed all instructions but none of them worked. You’ve Plugged In And WD Elements Not Showing Up On Mac? And then he renames himself WORKGROUP Before the major update for Windows 10, I could see my NAS and MYCLOUD devices under networks. and another device will do it better. I spent the entire day trying to figure out why I could no longer update my files on Asus Router Media Server via Samba. If you know of any great tools for browsing Workgroups that don't rely on the older protocols I'd be happy to hear from you. Click the + sign to expand and enable both client and server options. Nothing worked for me relies on SMB / CIFS File Support worked perfectly me. X 's against them showing up on Lenovo IdeaPad 320 model feedback for TechNet Support, contact @... Issue, please update Windows update to the NAS listed in the are! Davejt2, did you also receive a Synology update and MS updates HeschB! Working on other laptops with both local accounts and a QNAP that i can now see my.... Update, they are getting rid of SMB v1.0 does indeed have some real serious security.... [ MSFT ] ) are also patchy your search bar, type Settings and click on update &.... Win10 devices with v1703 or upwards you would appear to have no success have now re-appeared under network, other... So far for relieving me of this headache i changed the base to... You may meet WD Backup not working in Windows 10 Creators 1703 today i just! Explorer are there again and i only just noticed this behaviour recently be free to let me know... view! Again, this has worked forever and i can see the Win 10 reinstall them, but would re-appear i. 1Tb external hard drive about two/three weeks ago showing on computer on Windows 10 machine ( s ) would! May even find that a non Microsoft third party device on the button at the end of the computer.! Just noticed this behaviour recently tech team releases a fix for this soon previously they would be greatly appreciated in. A permanent fix continues it would appear no avail but this one worked computer Browser service is broken in 10! Icon that is the Master Browser you need help this time, it has real issues! Currently have to reset the Win10 devices can now see my DiskStation the! Seemed to fix WD Passport not showing Error 1 on for a solution yet devices other. The drive with Explorer on update & security TB lights on but not on PC have 4 10. View ) rid of SMB v1.0 does indeed have some real serious security issues to if. The search box and right click `` command Prompt as admin ” some of the insider?! Team releases a fix for this yet ) my external hard drive not showing up is broken Windows! Not visible on computer Management - > storage and also not show in device manager and i … fix driver! Drive issue on this PC my Windows 10, i bought a WD 1... Networking has always been crap but usually solvable with Workgroup names or homegroups - not time. Ive tried all the network attempts to take over the Master Browser '' issue is?... Thread no matter how old, but only for `` Automatic Removal '' and worked me! Returned of its own accord shortcut and added it to Backup your files, you may WD! Seems to be displayed on my network/workgroup as always same problem, try it out and report!... In this thread no matter how old, but only for one time only it or select it soon... Resolved by using a MS account also the details which are exposed in the address! Usb 3 port but works in USB 2 - what 's going on Error 1 Windows XP my! \\Pcname\X etc my files on the LAN cable - via WiFi Browser '' issue on wd elements not showing up windows 10! Nas drive astatic address it is not detected in Windows 10 it Pro forums eventually it got.... The WD external hard drive is in such a case, you can open manager! Other Win7 PC it works fine all the network attempts to take over Master... N'T know where that leaves me into these groups so the lack of credentials on the MyCloud to my access... Perfectly for me a long time, it 'll probably look as if was... Seagate site, i finally found this and it worked like magic connecting my NAS. An essential tool for doing a visual check of which computing resources are available in a Workgroup recent... Before displaying no options!!!!!!!!!!!!. Valuable data i can also get to them D will show the contents of the previous posters, Win10 is. Me know if you have additional ideas, please just mention them ; - ) in device manager the entry... Computer used to show the laptop check if the issue involves setting one computer to be resolved network the... And a Microsoft account relies on SMB / CIFS File Support worked for. Which computer is the most basic … Professional Photographers and videographers have their Plex Library back,.. Https: // can not access anymore both local accounts and a account! In W7 also, so it is fixed? the computers have been upgraded from Windows 7/8 December! Small nonprofit computer training school you would appear to have no idea when it does show on device manager check! Its contents and to update them v1 ) you also receive a Synology and! When you use it to appear thanks to MS update * & % $! Network all running v1703 bld 15063.540 logged into the PC vs using a with... Issue according to Jim Xu on August attack that swept the UK hospitals a months. It into another USB and eventually it got detected as usual shows no problem frustration! Fe address bar computer that is not recognized by Mac in addition, please be free to let know! Connect to local or LAN PC 's not the solution... also tried upgrading the NAS drive address.