Contact. Question  13:  What  is  the  difference between  displacement and  double displacement reactions? This site is using cookies under cookie policy. of Formation.  CHEMICAL REACTIONS AND EQUATIONS –OSB NOTES. (a) Write the chemical formulae of X and Y. Question 8: Write the balanced chemical equation for the following and identify the type of reaction in each case. sulphate and aqueous solution of sodium chloride. (c) silver metal is added to copper sulphate solution? The method of representing  a chemical reaction with the help of symbols and formulas of the substances involved in it is known as chemical equation. reaction takes place, a chemical equation can be made more informative. To balance it, one needs to multiply the hydrogen on the RHS by 4. c) Hydrogen + Chlorine. CuO(s) + H 2 (g) → Cu(s) + H 2 O(g) Let us write the oxidation number of each element involved in the given reaction as: Here, the oxidation number of Cu decreases from +2 in CuO to 0 in Cu i.e., CuO is reduced to Cu. Write the balanced chemical equations for the following reactions and identify the type of reaction in each case. Determine the volume of H2(g) at 765 mm Hg and 225 ?C that would be needed to form 35.5 g Cu(s). Consider the reactants and propose the right side of the equation Mg + H2SO4 -> MgH2 + SO4. Explain by giving example. Question 7: Write the balanced chemical equations for the following reactions. Zinc liberates hydrogen gas when reacted with dilute hydrochloric acid, whereas copper does not. Hence, this reaction is a redox reaction. (ii) CaO + H2O → Ca(OH)2. good night yeah now I understand thanks mere ko sulane ki जल्दी क्या ? When iron reacts with air, it forms iron oxide (rust). Add answer. (s), c) Magnesium(s) + Hydrochloric acid(aq) → Magnesium chloride(aq) + Hydrogen(g), d) Zinc(s) + Calcium chloride (aq) → Zinc Chloride (aq) + Ca(s). CuO(s) + H2(g) -> Cu(s) + H2O(l) delta H = -129.7 kJ so yu can see that water is involved, which it is NOT in the Enth. electrolysis, since hydrogen goes to one test tube and oxygen goes to another, the amount of gas collected in one of the test tubes is double of the amount collected in the other. CH-1 Class 10th NCERT Exemplar Question Answer Complete & Detailed NCERT Exemplar Solution of Chapter 1 Chemical Reactions and Equations By ClassXScience. (a) Hydrogen gas combines with nitrogen to form ammonia. Explain, how do oxidation and reduction processes occur simultaneously. Hence, it is a precipitation reaction. Reduction means removal of oxygen . (ii) Copper oxide (CuO) is reduced to copper (Cu) while hydrogen (H2) gets oxidised to water, EXERCISE QUESTIONS PAGE NO. Question 22: State the reaction in which hydrogen acts as a reducing agent. Label the reactants and products. Cu is copper. chem. Identify the oxidizing agent (oxidant) in the following reactions– (a) Pb3O4 + 8HCl → 3PbCl2 + Cl2 + 4H2O (b) 2Mg + O2 → 2MgO (c) CuSO4 + Zn → Cu + ZnSO4 (d) V2O5 + 5Ca → 2V + 5CaO (e) 3Fe + 4H2O → Fe3O4 + 4H2 (f) CuO + H2 → Cu + H2O. The magnesium ribbon is cleaned by sand paper for removing this layer so that the underlying metal can be exposed to air. Write the following chemical equation with state symbols: What do you mean by exothermic and endothermic reactions? Cu(s) and H2 … Cupric oxide is oxidizing agent and hydrogen is reducing agent. An oxidising agent is the one which oxidises other substances (by removal of hydrogen or addition of oxygen) and itself gets reduced (addition of hydrogen or removal of oxygen). So, cupric oxide is reduced to copper and hydrogen is oxidized to water. When metal X is treated with a dilute acid Y, then a gas Z is evolved which burns readily by making a little explosion. Write a complete balanced chemical equation for the following reaction: Sodium hydroxide + Sulphuric acid $ Ans : [CBSE 2013] 2NaOH + H 2 SO 4 $ Na 2 SO 4 + 2H 2 O 9. 20.Balance the following chemical equations including the physical states. Hence, it is a double displacement reaction. Therefore, the blue colour of copper sulphate solution fades and green colour appears. Thus, this equation. When silver metal is dipped in copper nitrate, no reaction takes place because silver metal is less reactive than copper. 1800-212-7858 / 9372462318. Give an example of a reaction in which a less reactive non-metal is displaced by a more reactive non-metal. which is reduced is the oxidising agent. Products are on the right. The electrochemical reactions are as follows: The Fe2+ ions are oxidised to Fe3+ ions.The Fe3+ ions combine with OH– ions to form Fe(OH)3.This becomes rust (Fe2O3.xH2O) which is hydrated ferric oxide. estion 1: Why does the colour of copper sulphate solution change when an iron nail is dipped in it? In this example number atoms of elements are not equal on two sides of the reaction. ?​, bs bs control kr lo apna emotions.... xD..chlo byee kl baat krte h...text kr diyo​, okk byy pray for India to win in morning game specially for vanshi she want to know I asked her any question that's my last q ​. Hence: in order for u to solve this u l need to obtain the oxidation number for each of the reactants: Take Q1 as an example: Reactant: CuO and NH3 1st half eq: CuO --> Cu 2nd half eq: NH3 --> N2. When carbon is burnt in oxygen (air), carbon dioxide is formed. (iii) Zinc react with hydrochloric acid. Is the reaction represented by the following reaction a displacement reaction? CuSO4 is copper (II) sulfate. What would you observe when lead nitrate is heated in a test tube? (d) Lead oxide is getting reduced. chemistry. What do you mean by a displacement reaction? Most of the metals react with atmospheric oxygen and it leads to formation of a layer on the metal article. Sr3(PO4)2 . good night..... love you all... byeeee​. Calculate The Equilibrium Constant At The Temperature Forwhich Data Is Given For Each Of The Following Systems Atequilibrium.a) 2COF2(g) CO2(g) +CF4 At 1000oC,[COF2]=0.016, [CO2]=0.043,[CF4]=0.012 (iii) Zn + H2So4→ ZnSO4 + H2. Calcium hydroxide dissolves in water to form its solution called lime water. What do you mean by corrosion? When the surface of iron is in contactwith moisture and other gases in the atmosphere an electrochemical reaction occurs. How are chemical reactions expressed in the shortest way? Why does the blue colour of copper sulphate change when a piece of iron is dropped into it? For example, on the left hand side only one iron atom is present, while three iron atoms are present on the right hand side. Why is photochemical reaction considered an endothermic reaction? Question 22: State the reaction in which hydrogen acts as a reducing agent. In this equation, the number of oxygen atom is the maximum on the RHS. Why is respiration considered as an exothermic reaction? Reverse the given reaction == because you need to form CuO, not use it as a reactant Cu(s) + H2O(l) --> CuO(s) + H2(g) <<< need to cancel out the water Decomposition reaction is just opposite of combination reaction. (e) Is the reaction between metal X and acid Y exothermic or endothermic? reactive than ‘A’, then ‘A’ will not displace ‘C’ from ‘BC’ and reaction will not be taken place. Soln: Pb 3 O 4; O 2; CuSO 4; V 2 O 5; H 2 O; CuO Cu +H2O products. 6co2 + 6h2o → c6h12o6 + o2 c. h2co3 → h2o + co2 d. 2cu + o2 → cuo Determine what is oxidized and what is reduced. Which of the following gases can be used for storage of fresh sample of an oil for a long time? 54. Write balanced chemical equation for each of the following reactions and also classify them.  Cooking involves chemical reactions which are endothermic as cooking is possible because of heating. (i) In beakers A and B, exothermic process has occurred. See answer. ii) that is reduced. (a) Thermit  reaction, iron (III) oxide reacts with aluminium and gives molten iron and aluminium oxide. What do you mean by a Chemical reaction? When carbon monoxide reacts with oxygen, carbon dioxide is formed. and find homework help for other Science questions at eNotes (i) (a) and (b). Answer : (i) Sodium (Na) is oxidised as it gains oxygen and oxygen gets reduced. Identify the reactants and the products. Balance the atom which is the maximum in number; on either side of chemical equation. Name the reaction which forms insoluble salts. Can a double displacement reaction be a redox reaction? It results  in the  deterioration of the  metal to  form metal compounds by means  of chemical reactions with the environment.Corrosion is a simple electro chemical reaction. (a) Calcium hydroxide + Carbon dioxide → Calcium carbonate + Water, (b) Zinc + Silver nitrate → Zinc nitrate + Silver, (c) Aluminium + Copper chloride → Aluminium chloride + Copper, (d) Barium chloride + Potassium sulphate → Barium sulphate +  Potassium chloride. a. In which of the above containers these solutions can be kept. A substance X, which is an oxide of a group 2 element, is used intensively in the cement industry. For the equation: H2 + CuO ----> Cu + H2O (a) If 10.0 grams of hydrogen are reacted with CuO, how many grams of water will beproduced? What chemical reaction is involved in the corrosion of iron? A buffer is made by dissolving HC2H3O2 and NaC2H3O2 in water. Identify X and also write the chemical reactions involved. What is reduced is the oxidizing agent and vice versa. Give an example. (a) Silver metal does not show any change. Answer: 1 📌📌📌 question Consider the following reaction and its equilibrium constant: 4 cuo(s) + ch4(g) ⇌ co2(g) + 4 cu(s) + 2 h2o(g) kc = 1.10. a reaction mixture contains 0.22 m ch4, 0.70 m co2 and 1.5 m h2o. Answer :  A reaction in which an insoluble solid (called precipitate) is formed is called a precipitation reaction. (b) Name the black substance formed and give its chemical formula. 37.Which one of the following processes involve chemical reactions? This can also be prevented by applying a layer of zinc over iron article. Add your answer and earn points. A dilute ferrous sulphate solution was gradually added to the beaker containing acidified permanganate solution. (a) Name any two metals which can behave like metal X. In this reaction, sodium carbonate and calcium chloride exchange ions to form two new compounds. Find out and make a list of the names of plants that grow in water and which are eatables? in this reaction the reducing agent is h2 and the oxidising agent is cuo . When stored, it reacts with oxygen to. Answer : Decomposition reactions are those in which a compound breaks down to form two or more substances. Question 20:  Explain the following terms with one example each. (ii) Sodium hydroxide solution (in water) reacts with hydrochloric acid solution (in water) to produce sodium chloride solution and water. Which term is applied for the process in which unpleasant smell and taste develop in foods containing fats and oils? The spoiling of fried food because of oxidation is called rancidity. In this, impure iron surface acts as the cathode and pure iron acts as anode. Why? 1 decade ago. Solution for CuO + H2 ⇌ Cu + H2O CO2 + H2 ⇌ 2CO + H2O H2 + F2 ⇌ 2 HF Fe + O2 ⇌ Fe2O3 NaOH + HCl NaCl + H2O Start by determining the oxidation numbers of each element on both sides of the equation CuO(s) + H2 (g) → Cu(s) + H2O (l) Let's start with the reactants. CuO + H2 → Cu + H2O. In this reaction, oxygen is added to iron, thus, iron is oxidized. Give the characteristic tests for the following gases. Question 5: Translate the following statements into chemical equations and then balance them. Write a balanced equation for this reaction and state which of the chemicals are (i) elements (ii)compounds (iii) reactants (iv) products (v) metals (vi) non-metals. Iron gets oxidized to form rust; which leads to corrosion of iron in the long run. Question 3: Identify the substances that are oxidised and the substances that are reduced in the following reactions. When sodium hydroxide (a base) reacts with hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride and water are formed. (c) If 20.0 g of H2 reacts with 40.0 g of CuO which reactant is limiting? You are also provided with solutions of dilute HCl, dilute HNO3, ZnCl2 and H2O. Answer : A reaction which has an equal number of atoms of all the elements on both sides of the chemical equation is called a balanced chemical equation. What happens when zinc granules are treated with dilute solution of H2SO4, HCl, HNO3, NaCl and NaOH, also write the chemical equations if reaction occurs. (b) What would be the percent yield of water if 10.0 grams of H2 formed 80.0 g of H2O? Which one of the following statement(s) is(are) correct? In the reaction. Answer : (d) The given reaction is an example of a displacement reaction. Academic Partner. Express the following reaction in the form of a balanced chemical equation: “When a strip of copper is dipped in a solution of silver nitrate, silver metal is precipitated and a solution of copper nitrate is produced.”. A general combination reaction can be represented by the chemical equation given here. Why should chemical equations be balanced? (c) Ethanol  is  warmed  with  ethanoic  acid  to  form  ethyl  acetate  in  the  presence  of, (d) Ethene is burnt in the presence of oxygen to form carbon dioxide, water and releases. In first equation words are used and in second symbols of substances are used to write the chemical  equation. When sodium hydroxide reacts with hydrochloric acid, it gives sodium chloride and water. Products-carbon dioxide. In the compound CuO (s), the oxidation number of O is -2 and the oxidation number of Cu is +2. Which among the following is (are) true about slaking of lime and the solution formed? Required fields are marked *. What  are the substances called which are added to foods containing fats and oils to protect them from becoming rancid? The law of conservation of mass states that mass can neither be created nor destroyed. The answer will appear below; Always use the upper case for the first character in the element name and the lower case for the second character. Explain the following terms: (i) corrosion (ii) Rancidity. Balance the following chemical equations and identify the type of chemical reaction. When sodium hydroxide reacts with hydrochloric acid, it gives sodium chloride and water. Reactants are on the left. Answer : (a) Oxidation is the gain of oxygen. (a) Nitrogen gas is treated with hydrogen gas in the presence of a catalyst at 773K to form ammonia gas. (iii) In beaker C exothermic process has occurred. Which of the following statements about the given reaction are correct? Respiration is a decomposition reaction in which energy is released. plus. a) Calcium hydroxide (aq) + Nitric acid (aq) → Water (l) + Calcium nitrate (aq), b) Magnesium (s) + Iodine (g) → Magnesium Iodide. A general decomposition reaction can be represented as follows:               CaCO3  →  CaO + CO2,              Calcium carbonate → Calcium oxide + Carbon dioxide,               2Fe(OH)3  → Fe2O3 + 3H2O,              Ferric hydroxide → Ferric oxide + Water,             2Pb(NO3)2  → 2PbO + 4NO2 + O2,             Lead nitrate ⇨ Lead oxide + Nitrogen oxide + Oxygen. from the reactants to the products: Cu goes from a +2 to a 0; it gained electrons and is reduced. After that number of oxygen and hydrogen atoms becomes equal on both sides. Name the substance which is oxidised in the following reaction: H2S + Cl2 → 2HCl + S. Why are all decomposition reactions endothermic? Name the reaction which forms insoluble salts. Any change can be classified as physical change and chemical change. What is the process called in which a substance is converted into a new substance? Reactants-carbon and oxygen. Why do we store silver chloride in dark coloured bottles? In this equation, numbers of zinc, hydrogen and sulphate are equal on both sides, so it is a balanced chemical equation. (iii) dilute hydrochloride acid is added to a solution of lead nitrate in the cold. Question 2: Give an example of a double displacement reaction other than the one given in Activity 1.10. What symbol is used to indicate a solution made in water? Class 10 Science Chapter 1 Board Questions of Chemical Reactions and Equations for the preparation of session 2020-21 CBSE exams. Answer. To balance it, multiply the iron on the LHS by 3.  For  convenience,  symbol  of  substance  is  used  to  represent  chemical equations. 8. Answer : (a) Hydrogen gas and iron chloride are produced. Why should chemical equations be balanced? (a) Boiling of water to give water vapour, (d) Combustion of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), The following reaction is an example of a. chem. (b) Carbon dioxide is getting oxidised. Answer : ‘X’ is copper (Cu) and the black-coloured compound formed is copper oxide (CuO). Which among the  following  statement(s)  is(are)  true? The metal gets corroded in the long run. Answer: CuO + H2 Cu + HzO. Fe → Fe2+ + 2e–                                                              Â. Hydrolytic rancidity occurs when water splits fatty acid chains away from the glycerol backbone in glycerides. Explain. Need assistance? Answer : Nitrogen is an inert gas and does not easily react with these substances. It results  in the  deterioration of the  metal to  form metal compounds by means  of chemical reactions with the environment.Corrosion is a simple electro chemical reaction. Answer. Thus, they are the exact opposite of combination reactions in which two or more substances combine to give a new substance with the release of energy. Oxidative  rancidity  occurs  when  the  double  bonds  of  an  unsaturated  fatty  acid  react chemically with oxygen. Simplify the equation. Rancidity is the chemical decomposition of fats, oils and other lipids. Similarly, when silver bromide is put under sunlight, it decomposes into silver metal and bromine gas. Barium chloride on  reacting  with  ammonium  sulphate  forms  barium  sulphate  and ammonium chloride. Answer : Sodium carbonate reacts with calcium chloride to form calcium carbonate and sodium chloride. which of the following - the answers to The number of iron is one on the LHS, while it is three on the RHS. When hydrogen reacts with chlorine, hydrogen chloride is formed. CuO + H2 → Cu + H20In this reaction name the reactanti) that is oxidisedii)that is reduced. i) that is oxidised. Name the gas evolved when a magnesium ribbon is dropped into dilute sulphuric acid? Answer : Water (H2O) contains two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. Get an answer for 'What kind of reactions are these (redox, double displacement, etc.)? Chemical changes are more permanent than physical changes. Name and state the law which is kept in mind when we balance chemical equations. When calcium oxide reacts with water, calcium hydroxide is formed. (b) Burning of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), (e) Sublimation of solid ammonium chloride. Name this gas. Consider the reaction below: CuO(s) + H2(g) → Cu(s) + H2O(l) Which of the following statements is TRUE? What do you mean by a double displacement reaction? Balance the following chemical equations. Write the chemical reaction that takes place during the corrosion of iron? So, cupric oxide is reduced to copper and hydrogen is oxidized to water. (1atm)(5.60L)=n(0.0821)(273K) Then you have the number of mols of H2. Write equations for these reactions. ‍ DrBob222. Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction that occurs between aluminium hydroxide and sulphuric acid forming aluminium sulphate and water. A general displacement reaction can be represented using chemical equation as follows: Displacement reaction takes place only when ‘A’ is more reactive than B. and. Displacement reaction is also known as Substitution Reaction or Single displacement /Replacement Reaction. (ii) Calcium oxide reacts vigorously with water to form calcium hydroxide (slaked lime). Products: Water and copper. Step 7. Complete the missing components/variables given as, (c) Dissolution of sodium hydroxide in water, (d) Dissolution of ammonium chloride in water, Write the balanced chemical equations for the following reactions, (a) Sodium carbonate on reaction with hydrochloric acid in equal molar concentration  Â. gives sodium chloride and sodium hydrogencarbonate. Express your answer as a . Therefore, the amount of hydrogen and oxygen produced during electrolysis of water is in a 2:1 ratio. (ii) lemon juice is added to a solution of potassium permanganate. (c) If 20.0 g of H2 reacts with 40.0 g of CuO which reactant is limiting? The article when rubbed with toothpaste again starts shining. of atoms in product. When stored, it reacts with oxygen to.   CHEMICAL REACTIONS AND EQUATIONS –OSB NOTES,         a) Combination reaction b) Decomposition reaction,        c) Displacement reaction d) Double decomposition reaction. Question  12:  Write  one  equation  each  for  decomposition reactions  where  energy  is supplied in the form of heat, light or electricity. The reaction, CuO(s) + H2(g) = Cu(s) + H2O(g). (a) Lead acetate solution is treated with dilute hydrochloric acid to form lead chloride and, (b) A piece of sodium metal is added to absolute ethanol to form sodium ethoxide and, (c) Iron (III) oxide on heating with carbon monoxide gas reacts to form solid iron and. Which of the following are combination reactions? C. It determines how much product can form. i) (a)and (b) ii) (a) and (c) iii) (a), (b), and (c) d) all. On adding a drop of barium chloride solution to an aqueous solution of sodium sulphite, (a) Write a balanced chemical equation of the reaction involved. The mass of the products in a chemical reaction is … State any two ways to prevent the rancidity of food containing oils and fats. A 100% free website for cbse students.This search area is devoloped from the high demand of students for a proper web space for cbse questions,board papers,hand written notes,revision notes etc.osbincbse of its type is the largest database ever made for cbse students. Hence, rusting is prevented. Explain why? Moles of cu (s) produced will be 0.25 only. In this reaction, magnesium is combined with oxygen. The balanced chemical equation for the given reaction is CuO + H2 → Cu + H2O Which substance is oxidized in the given reaction? In the refining of silver, silver is obtained from silver nitrate by using copper metal. Since energy is released in the whole process, it is an exothermic process. Grapes hanging on the plant do not ferment but after being plucked from the plant can be fermented. Another example of precipitation reaction is: In this reaction, barium sulphate is obtained as a precipitate. In chemical changes, new substances are formed and it is difficult to regenerate the original substances. 1) 2AgNO3 + Na2CrO4  → Ag2CrO4+ 2NaNO3      ( ) a) combination reactions, 2) 2 NH3  → N2+ 3H2                                                                        ( ) b) decomposition reactions, 3) C2H4 + H2O  → C2H6O                                    ( ) c) displacement reactions, 4) Fe2O3 + 3CO → 2 F2+ 3CO2                                               ( ) d) double displacement Reactions. Question 1: A solution of a substance ‘X’ is used for white washing. Why is respiration considered an exothermic reaction? Most of the combination reactions are endothermic. Writing the symbols of Physical States of substances in Chemical equation: By writing the physical states of substances a chemical equation becomes more informative. Arrow shows the direction of chemical reaction. Consider the reaction: C3H8(g) + 5 O2(g) ® 3 CO2(g) + 4 H2O(g), where DH = – 531 kcal/mol. What happens when dil.hydrochloric acid is added to iron filings? and/or below the arrow of a chemical equation. What is the difference between displacement and double displacement reactions? A magnesium ribbon is burnt in oxygen to give a white compound X accompanied by emission of light. Name the oxidising and reducing agent in the following reaction: CuO + H 2 $ Cu + H 2 O Ans : [CBSE 2013] CuO is oxidising agent H 2 is reducing agent. An oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction is a type of chemical reaction that involves a transfer of electrons between two species. (d) Some bubbles of a gas are seen when lead (Pb) is reacted with the acid. On the other. a) Barium chloride and sodium sulphate aqueous solutions react to give insoluble Barium.            4Fe + 3O2  →  2Fe2O3. mohammedgaffar69 is waiting for your help. Keeping food in air tight containers helps to slow down oxidation. 28.Which among the following is(are) double displacement reaction(s)? (ii) Write the reaction of the substance ‘X’ named in (i) above with water. This powder is magnesium oxide. Which of the following statement(s) is(are) correct about the reaction? (c) Barium chloride reacts with aluminium sulphate to give aluminium chloride and a precipitate of barium sulphate. 1. Fried food gets oxidized when exposed to air. So, cupric oxide is reduced to copper and hydrogen is oxidized to water. Become our. Question 3: Write a balanced chemical equation with state symbols for the following reactions. Answer : (i) The substance ‘X’ is calcium oxide. In which type of reaction does an exchange of partners take place? There are three basic types of rancidity. D. It decreases the energy of the products. The following reaction is used for the preparation of oxygen gas in the laboratory, (a) It is a decomposition reaction and endothermic in nature, (c) It is a decomposition reaction and accompanied by release of heat, (d) It is a photochemical decomposition reaction and exothermic in nature, (a) Storing of oxygen gas under pressure in a gas cylinder, (c) Keeping petrol in a china dish in the open, (d) Heating copper wire in presence of air at high temperature. Name  the  type  of  reaction  involved  in  the  reactions  represented  by  the  following equations: (iii) Al2(SO4)3 + 6NH4OH → 2Al(OH)3 + 3(NH4)2SO4. Simplify the equation. Find an answer to your question 15. H2CO3  formed from moisture and CO2 from air acts as electrolyte. products, marked by unpleasant odour or flavour.

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